Thursday, April 9, 2009

L.V. Sun: Anti-Tagging Message to Youth

Total rubbish! Such programs are completely and utterly useless in changing youth behavior!
In response to what officials call a scourge of graffiti tagging, the city wants students to know that writing or painting graffiti is a crime, and that they should be working to beautify their communities instead of defacing them.

As part of Graffiti Awareness Month, the City Council and the Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition are sponsoring trips in April to nine elementary and middle schools for “signing ceremonies.”

During these services, police and city officials will talk about what graffiti is, why it’s a crime and how gaining permission is the difference between art and graffiti. Students will then be asked to sign a banner, which pledges that they will work to improve their community and not to commit the crime of graffiti.

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  1. I am glad that the police are doing something about graffiti. Teenagers have to understand that by tagging up our city they are making it look bad. We should be helping it and making it a better place for everyone. I think that graffiti is one of the major problems going on in our cities. It provokes fights between gangs and it just looks bad. If one gag tags somewhere on a building or a fence, and a person from a gang sees it they start tagging over them. Before you know it the wall is all messy and they don’t stop. I know that for them it’s a way of expressing themselves and they think its art. But what they are actually doing is destroying property and not respecting other people. It is a crime and they should know that there are consequences. It is a difference if they actually have permission from someone. We should try to make a difference and try to make our communities a better place.


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