Thursday, March 19, 2009

KLAS-TV: Judge Mosley Ex-Girlfriend in Jail

Terry Mosley, the ex-girlfriend of District Court Judge Donald Mosley, has been arrested and charged with writing bad checks.
When I first read this headline, I felt certain it referred to Amy McNair, (former?) girlfriend of Family Court Judge Steven Jones. Turns out it refers to the "ex" of criminal court judge Donald Mosley.

Apparently the only thing Judge Mosley and his ex-girlfriend Terry have in common is their son, who came to juvenile court a few months ago on a serious charge. I happened to be in Courtroom 18 at the time, and saw the ex-couple in action. Terry is a true nutcase whose sole goal in life seems to be making Judge Mosley's life hell. The kid is stuck in the middle.

I'm not sure the "ex-girlfriend" ended up with the last name "Mosley," but it's apparently a very convoluted 20-year saga, driven by the girlfriend's insanity.