Sunday, March 15, 2009

KLAS-TV: Nevada No. 1 in Deadbeat Parents

Nevada ranks last in the nation for collecting child support, and now the economy is making it tough for parents, even ones who want to pay, to afford it. ...

Clark County Deputy District Attorney Teresa Lowry agrees, more could and needs to be done to improve Nevada's child support enforcement record. With more than 87,000 cases in Clark County alone, the system is severely overloaded.


  1. It's no wonder why we are number 1 when Family Court Judges don't enforce their own rulings. If fact, if you are a Deadbeat MOM, you can go up to 5 years without paying a dime. I would like to know why the District Attorney and some Family Court Judges have a serious double standard or; do deadbeat women have more rights that single dad's with full custody. What would happen to a dad who didn't pay MINIMUM child support for over 5 years to a mom with full custody? JAIL! What happens to a mom who doesn't pay minimum child support for over 5 years? Nothing; but she did get more visitation rights.

  2. Judge Mosley is in contempt of a child support order for 11 years. Judge Mosley admits under oath that he stopped making his court ordered child support payments in 1998.

    Where is this story??????


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